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This is Our Way of Giving Back

We're happy to announce we have partnered with name brand companies to bring you 1000's of amazing designer fashion items for sale in our store.

We will donate a portion from each sale to CHADD a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families affected by ADD and ADHD.

Choose from a wide variety of amazing products and join our cause.

Your purchase today can help to change a life!



Are you or your child struggling with ADD/ADHD, loss of focus, lack of attention, depression, anger outbursts, frustration and no longer want chemical medications with negative side effects? Then you need to try our ADD Peace of Mind Solution.

This All-Natural Liquid ADD/ADHD Formula, has been shown to:

  • Increase Mental Focus, 
  • Increase Clarity and Alertness, 
  • Improve Ability to Concentrate, 
  • Complete Tasks with Ease, 
  • Increase Memory, 
  • Improve Mood, 
  • Reduce Anxiety, 
  • and Reduce Insomnia

As the owner of ADD Peace of Mind I know firsthand the daily struggles as my son and I both have ADHD. For years I struggled with my ADHD symptoms and searched for a solution.

Once my son was born I soon realized he inherited my ADHD and my struggles. I made it my mission to find an all-natural solution for both of us. Over the past 28 years of being a fitness trainer, coach, sports nutrition specialist & weight management specialist I've done my research. Through endless trials and errors with thousands of combinations of diets and supplements I have finally created the ADD Peace of Mind Solution that helped my son and I finally get relief from our ADHD symptoms.

I want to share my ADD Peace of Mind Solution with you and other ADD/ADHD suffers. Everyone should have access to this all-natural solution!

ADD Peace of Mind is manufactured right here the USA in a FDA regulated manufacturing facility. You can rest assured the ingredients are high quality and safe for children and adults.



Linda White-
"Hey! This stuff works!!! I'm actually catching myself "filtering " and not saying inappropriate things. Unbelievable. How can I buy more?"

Sara McClain-
"My son is so much happier now."

Tim Lesterfield-
"Both my son and daughter were diagnosed with ADD. We tried the medications but saw such negative side effects in both my children we sought out a more natural solution. We finally found ADD Peace of Mind. I can't begin to thank them enough. My kids are finally doing well in school. They are behaved in church, public venues and don't fight and argue as frequently as they used to. This is such a blessing."

William Kendell-
"I can't believe the dramatic changes in my son's behavior, focus and attention. Truly amazing!"

Samantha Litton-
"My husband and I followed all the information in the emails we received from ADD Peace of Mind to help our daughter control her ADHD symptoms. We adjusted her diet, had her begin exercising by spending more time outside playing and less time on her phone in her room. We also set a specific bedtime every night so she would get plenty of sleep for school the next day. She also took ADD Peace of Mind each day and has seen unbelievable results! Her ability to focus, finish her school work and daily tasks is much easier for her now. I wish we would have found ADD Peace of Mind years earlier. Life could have been so much easier for all of us."


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